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Artist: Garry Schyman
Track: "Cohen's Masterpiece (Accordion Version)"
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cohen’s masterpiece (accordion version) // garry schyman


The Endless Emotions In A Random Run Cycle

In this music video, a character run cycle is repeated over and over again. Everything else in the frame — the backgrounds, effects, etc. — is completely redesigned each time the run cycle resets. It’s amazing how swapping out these seemingly secondary elements can completely change the emotion of the animation. It’s also a great reminder that EVERY part of the animation process is equally important!

Note: The song is Transfer, by Livetune, with vocals by Japanese voice actress Nakajima Megumi. The animation was done by Fantasista Utamaro and Kubotabee.


….I was looking through the harry potter wikia and I noticed that a lot of the spells were kind of imagepointless


Arthur and Alfred by マキ


This image has been in my head for a long time, but only recently garnered enough travel feels motivation to draw it out until now. Itinerary set, and here are a selection of masters that I will be paying homage to.

From the top clockwise Rembrandt, Escher, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Bruegel,  Rubens, Horta, Magritte.




Very quick Sadiq, since I realised I have never drawn him.

(Source: akkaleena)


Picking tomatoes for Spain-bastard


For sweethearts week day 2…i am…hella…late lol

but i’ve got an hour left so im still on time…right?!? 

anyway this is a crossover with disney fantasia’s version of the steadfast tin solder, with england and fem!america :) been wanting to draw this for a while!


you know how everywhere you go on holiday they sell those rather boring watercolour calendars of the local sights and maybe sometimes you buy one because you know your parents will want one

Anyway: when I went to the salzkammergut last spring I saw lots of german tour groups and Baedekers, lots of people in lederhosen and dirndls, and lots of people walking their dogs.